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200 Motivation Videos - Pack 2

200 Motivation Videos - Pack 2

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200  Motivation Videos | Business Success  Videos for entrepreneur | Social Media Marketing | Pack 2

This package includes 200 Motivation Videos with advice, tips & tricks from various famous people. This package is great for motivation & success niches to post on your social media. 

All the videos are with English subtitles and can't be changed. 

All the videos come in 2 formats:

1. As an MP4 file and you can download it instantly on your computer.

2. As a Canva Link where you have all the videos uploaded just in case you want to add your logo/username on them. Also with Canva format, you don't have to download all the videos and have a mess on your phone, instead, you can just choose the video that you like to post and download only that one. 

Here is what you get:

- 200  Motivation Videos (1080x1920)
- BONUS 108 Posts Business Success ready-made templates - 1080x1080px, PNG format


Pack 2 with 200 Motivation Videos is different from PACK 1. Also, the subtitles are a different color. It's not possible to change the color or anything on the videos. You can add your logo or username but you can't change anything. 

Topics Included:
- Mindset & Motivation
- Business Ideas
- Business Advice
- Marketing Hacks
- Much more

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3. Edit and enjoy!



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